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Welcome to the website for the Lipizzaner Association of Australasia (LAA).


The Lipizzaner Association of Australasia is a membership organisation that represents the Lipizzaner horse breed in Australasia and it is the only member in Australasia of The Lipizzan International Federation (LIF).

Established in 1995, the organisation was originally called the Australian Lipizzaner Registry (A.L.R.) Inc, however in 2007 it changed its name to the Lipizzaner Association of Australasia to more accurately represent the breed and the organisation's objectives.  


The Lipizzaner Association of Australasia Stud Book is managed in accordance with the guidelines set down by the Austrian Federal Stud at Piber and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Standards that the LAA have set for the breed are high and include accreditation for all purebreds for adult registration before they are entered into the international stud book.

The  core objectives of the Lipizzaner Association of Australasia include :


  • To maintain the Stud Book of Purebred Lipizzaners in Australasia in accordance with the regulations accepted by the Lipizzan International Federation (LIF).  
  • Promote the Lipizzaner Breed. 
  • Maintain and improve Lipizzaner breeding by Classification in accordance with recognised international standards.
  • Maintain a separate Register of Part Bred Lipizzaners in Australasia. 
  • Support, promote and sponsor equestrian, sporting and other competitive activities for the Breed. 
  • Provide support to owners and breeders of the Breed.
  • Provide information to persons interested in the Breed. 
  • Educate the public about Lipizzaners. 
  • Facilitate communication between owners of the Breed. 
  • Encourage the use of high quality breeding practices for Lipizzaners. 




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As the only recognised organisation for Australasia by the Lipizzan International Federation (LIF), the LAA represents Australasian based Lipizzaner breeders and owners at the LIF's meetings in Europe. 

Accreditors utilised for assessment of our breeding stock are of the highest international standing, with our very first Accreditation of Lipizzaners occurring in Australia in 1999 by Dr. Oulehla, former director of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Dr. Oulehla described our horses as "of a wonderful Baroque type". 

Our most recent Accreditation was undertaken In 2012 by Dr Yvonne Peeters setting a very high standard for the Lipizzaner stock to meet accepted European standards.