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Georgina Beard of the Fulmer Rise Stud, New South Wales

Sire: 68 Pluto II Mima, Djakovo
Dam: 716 Brenda, Topol'cianky

2013 Lipizzaner stallion bred at Topol'cianky
To be fully LAA and LIF accredited



Hello Friends in Lipizzaners,

We are very pleased to announce that Georgina Beard (LAA’s Registrar) has contracted to purchase a two year old colt from Topol’cianky.

Pluto (he may have to have a new stable name at some stage!) will be sent to the meadows along the North Sea in Friesland for some months to give him best chance to develop strongly prior to coming to Australia. The horse will be assessed several times and will have to successfully go through Classification with an LIF approved judge in Europe before travelling to Australia. This two year old has a lot of developing and growing to do. He has a very calm and sensible temperament, as does his dam.  Georgina was able to inspect the colt for a second time last week, and was also fortunate enough to inspect his dam and grand-dam. Unfortunately his sire is not currently at Topol’cianky, but she will attempt to obtain photographs and further information about him and potentially inspect him if possible. 

 This colt is 8227 Pluto XX-25. 

DOB: 3 June 2013

His sire:  68 Pluto II Mima, bred at Djakovo

Dam: 716 Brenda, Topol’cianky

 The sire line is Piber, Lipica and Djakovo. There is the appearance twice in the pedigree of Pluto IX Basilica, already on his fourth and fifth generations. There is also the appearance in the fifth generation of 142 Neapolitano IV Brenta, but his should not cause us a problem. This Pluto’s name will be changed as is done in Topol’cianky to  (xxx) Pluto Brenda when he is added to the (Australian) stud book as a breeding stallion. 


 In the meanwhile Georgina is still negotiating a deal regarding importation of high quality semen from another stallion in Europe, which we hope will be ready for this season.  Stay tuned for more information on this, as we will have some footage in weeks to come.


 The LAA would like to extend our gratitude to Georgina Beard for the HUGE amount of effort she puts in to the LAA organization year after year.

Georgina continually travels around the world attending all sorts of meetings, judging clinic’s and alike to represent the LAA. This gives Australia a presence in the Lipizzaner world and she is our eyes and ears for all global news in this industry. Our breed must continue in Australia and Georgina (along with the support of the LAA) is working hard to obtain a highly qualified LIF judge to accredit our magnificent Lipizzaner’s in Australasia. It is so very important that our animals are in line with the standards of the rest of the world and we can only maintain this by certified judges and constant communication/ education from many different countries.

Georgina does all this at her own cost! The news of this new stallion will benefit all breeders and will make a massive impact to the existence of the breed down under.

Thank you once again for all your efforts.

 Warm regards,

 LAA Committee

Lipizzaner Association of Australasia (LAA)