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Trophy from the Fulmer Rise Stud for the mare of the Lipizzaner Mare family “4sz  Mezöhegyes” with highest marks at this accreditation (2016).

As the LAA was able to discover  the family name of this line through it’s contacts at the LIF General Assemblies, with help from Edit Kappel, Andor Dallos and most of all, the late Zoltan Egri, it would be a pleasure fo the Fulmer Rise Stud to once again offer to provide a trophy.
As Australia has the only examples of this mare line left in the world, we can live in hope that one day we might export some high quality mares of this line to supplement other stud farm’s herds. Obviously accreditation of mares for breeding is imperative for projects like this, in order to guide our breeders towards higher quality. In Australasia, we do not have big numbers. Therefore we need to breed knowledgably and carefully to improve the quality of the stock we have.
With kind regards,
Georgina Beard
Fulmer Rise Stud
The photograph below shows the trophy that was created for the winner of the award at the last Accreditations, in 2012. The winner was Kaye Stevens' mare 217 Levita, that was declared an Elite standard mare.


4 sz Mezoheyges trophy 2012