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The Lipizzaner Association of Australasia (LAA) is pleased to announce that Dr Yvonne Peeters, one of the most respected Lipizzaner judges in Europe and the USA will be visiting Australia in March 2016 to conduct accreditation and assessments of Lipizzaners in Australia.
Dr Peeters is a fully endorsed judge with the Lipizzan International Federation (LIF). Her CV will be available on the LAA website very shortly.
The LIF is a federation of all the major Lipizzaner State Studs and the major private breeders of the world.
The "International Studbook" does not exist as such, but the LIF Is the administrator and owner of the International Lipizzan Register (ILR) which is where all member countries can enter their studbooks for worldwide reference.  Only member organisations  of the LIF are entitled to put their studbooks into it. As a member of the LAA your Lipizzaner will automatically go into this register.
The LAA's studbook is divided into parts, Part A being for fully accredited-to-breed Lipizzaners. This divisioning is designed to generate an international list of Lipizzaners of the highest standard. Therefore the LIF/ LAA puts a huge emphasis on keeping to the highest standard of judges who are currently recognised to undertake accreditations. All parts of the LAA Studbook are included in the ILR, so even if a horse is not fully accredited for breeding, it is still entered into the ILR because it will have a fully traceable 5 generation Lipizzaner pedigree.
Since Dr Peeter's last visit to Australia she has conducted accreditations in Ireland,  Europe and the USA, and not only for the Lipizzaner Breed. She created such enthusiasm in the USA, at the LIF meeting in 2014 there were 13 USA delegates. Following this, the fast and strongly developing Fundaçion Lipizzana Chile (Haras Tronador) has invited Dr Peeters to hold a series of Accreditations in Chile in 2016. Their School is producing regular public performances that are said to be of at least as high a quality as the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. All horses used in those performances were originate from Piber Stud.
The Lipizzaner 'accreditation' has the same meaning as 'classification' as used by other breeds. The purpose of the accreditation is to ensure that Lipizzaner stallions and mares used for breeding are both well conformed and true to type, and that their movement is also true to their type. Different types come from different State Stud farms.
While we all believe in our hearts that Lipizzaners are all wonderful horses in general, some are suited as breeding stock while others are suited to their careers as dressage, riding or carriage horses.
If we do not breed Lipizzaners, we will not have them in the future. Breeders are vital to the Breed and can make real input to the future of the Breed by choosing their breeding stock for carefully for quality .
If a Lipizzaner is not accepted as breeding stock after accreditation, it is these horses that are the important vanguard of the breed, there is nothing to stop them from remaining out and about in competition, or just having fun and being enjoyed!
Dr Peeters will also be offering to assess young horses and geldings. This gives everyone a chance to participate and to learn more about the conformation and movement of their horse. The assessment reports are often of great value if a Lipizzaner is for sale in the future.
Visitors and spectators are also welcome at the accreditation. There will be an educational presentation about the Breed given by Dr Peeters after each accreditation, and you are invited to attend.
The LAA will also be prepared to run accreditations in New Zealand following the Australian Accreditations in March 2016, if there are sufficient pure bred horses of at least five years of age to be put forward.
Application forms and information about accreditation will be available on the LAA website.
OR respond directly to the President, Anna Melton,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Associate Registrar Alicia Waldersee This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to put your horse forward for assessment or accreditation.